How To Burn Soy Candles?

How To Burn Soy Candles?

You might think that there is nothing extraordinary about burning candles. However, the first ritual of lighting a candle should follow certain rules, thanks to which we will use it for a long time.




The candle should be in the right place, without drafts. Be careful that there are no objects such as curtains or other decorations above the candle. 
Place it on a secure stand.
Never leave a candle unattended.


The wick should protrude approx. 3-4 mm above the glass, it should be checked and trimmed before each smoking. Remove the wick remnants from the candle, thanks to which the flame will have the right power.
Don't let the remnants of the wick fall into the candle.


We can burn candles at one time until the surface is fully melted, it is important that we do not create tunnels. 

Tunnels - that is, holes can cause the candle to stop burning well.
Additionally, we can lose some of the wax by depositing it on the sides of the container.


Each time you fire up, use candles for about 1.5-2.5 hours, this is to avoid moving the wick,
and thus we can use the candles to the end. After this time, our nose gets used to the smell.



Never leave a candle alone, remember that it is an element that is hard to control. 
Make sure it is at a safe distance from children and animals.


After burning the candle, it is enough to wash the candle container with boiling water and soap. 
Thanks to that, we can use it as a container. If you are from Gniezno and the surrounding area,
you can drive to my shop stationary and return the glass. You will then receive it for free.
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